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Independent Film Festival

Project Overview:

For the Animaze Independent Film Festival, we were tasked with creating a virtual space that would replicate the experience of a movie theater. This environment was designed to showcase film submissions from around the globe.

Project Objective:

The goal was to craft a 3D room that mirrors the immersive experience of a traditional movie theater, tailored to accommodate up to 25 guests simultaneously, ensuring an engaging and communal viewing experience.

Design and Execution:

Drawing inspiration from various theater and stage designs, I developed a spacious room conducive to a cinematic experience. The modeling and materials were expertly crafted using Blender, with Filter Forge employed for creating realistic textures. The final models were meticulously prepared as GLBs and uploaded to Mozilla Hubs, bringing the digital movie theater to life and offering guests a unique film-viewing experience.

Here is the final result:



NEARHUB | Animaze

What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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Theater Environment
Music Environment