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Client: Adam 4 Artists

ADAM 4 Artists is an agency formed by music veterans with decades of industry experience with verifiable success in the advertising, development and marketing of musicians.

Project Overview: Crafting a Unique 3D Space for the Music Industry

Our client, a distinguished player in the music business, sought to create an innovative 3D space. The goal was to provide a unique platform that facilitates meaningful connections between musicians and promoters.

Project Objective: Designing an Interactive 3D Environment for Engagement and Education

Our task was to develop an immersive, walkable 3D environment designed to educate and engage guests. This interactive space features promotional materials such as PDFs, videos, and images, providing an informative yet captivating experience.

Our Approach: From Concept to Reality

The process began with detailed sketches, moving to creation post-approval. Utilizing Blender, I meticulously crafted the 3D scene, integrating elements that reflect the client’s vision. With Mozilla Spoke, I implemented flexible areas where the site owner can conveniently update videos, PDFs, and images, ensuring the content remains fresh and relevant.

Here is the final result:



NEARHUB | Adam 4 Artists

What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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Arcade Environment
Beach Environment
Island Environment