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Marma J Beach Party

Project Overview:

The Marma J Foundation approached us with a unique request: to create a 3D beach environment. This digital space was envisioned for two purposes – to host a live event paralleling a real beach in Antigua and to serve as a permanent virtual paradise. Here, guests can unwind with friends, perform on stage, swim, and even experience the thrill of flight.

Project Objective:

Our task was to develop an immersive, walkable 3D environment designed to educate and engage guests. This interactive space features promotional materials such as PDFs, videos, and images, providing an informative yet captivating experience.

Our Approach:

The project began with detailed conceptual sketches. Upon receiving approval, I embarked on the journey of modeling the island's formation using Blender. To bring the environment to life, another skilled artist joined the team, expertly texturing the landscape and constructing various structures, ensuring a vibrant and immersive virtual beach experience.

Here is the final result:



NEARHUB | Marma J Foundation

What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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Arcade Environment
Island Environment
Fashion Environment