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Root Island Dragon

Project Overview:

'Root Island Dragon' is an environment I crafted as part of a story I am developing. This creative endeavor was recognized as a featured room on the Mozilla Hubs website, showcasing my capability to create captivating virtual spaces.

Project Objective:

In line with a Mozilla Hubs challenge, I embraced the task of designing a room under specific constraints: textures no larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels and a polygon count below 30,000. These parameters guided the project's technical framework.

Creative Approach:

The journey began with sculpting the terrain model in Blender, followed by intricate texturing in 3D Coat. A pre-existing dragon model from SketchFab was meticulously reworked in Blender, with 3D Coat employed for detailed texture painting. After baking the textures, I uploaded the models as GLBs to Mozilla Hubs, where they were rendered in real-time within a web browser, bringing the mythical Root Island Dragon to life in the digital realm.

Here is the final result:



Self-Promotion Initiative

What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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