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SVARA DAO Indonesian Art and Cultural Center

Project Overview:

SVARA DAO, a community of Indonesian musicians and artists, engaged us to create a virtual space that extends the reach of Near Protocol to a global audience interested in music and culture.

Set in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, SVARA DAO envisioned a 3D experience where guests could explore the grounds of a traditional house, reflecting the rich heritage of Javanese and Balinese architecture and landscapes.

Project Objective:

Our mission was to craft an immersive 3D environment for hosting live performances, art exhibitions, and cultural education sessions. The space was designed to pay tribute to the visual and architectural essence of traditional Indonesian settings, particularly from the era of the 1940s.

Design Approach:

The project commenced with thorough research into Bali-style architectural designs and construction layouts. This informed the initial sketches of the house and its surrounding environment. The subsequent phase involved meticulous modeling, lighting, and texturing in Blender, capturing the authentic feel of the era. To enhance the visual fidelity, I used Stable Diffusion for creating image textures and refined them in Photoshop. The finalized assets were then uploaded to the Mozilla Hubs Spoke editor and published, bringing the SVARA DAO Indonesian Art and Cultural Center to life in a vivid and interactive virtual format.

Here is the final result:




What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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Theater Environment
Theater Environment
Theater Environment