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Muti DAO NFT Gallery

Project Overview:

Muti DAO approached us with an innovative concept: a virtual space designed for viewing and purchasing NFT artwork from their artist collective, set in an outdoor, playful environment.

Project Objective:

Our task was to create a unique, engaging space that not only showcases the artwork and videos in high resolution but also seamlessly integrates links for purchase via a third-party NFT marketplace.

Creative Process:

Inspired by images of forests and the intriguing style of small-scale photography, I envisioned the gallery from an ant's perspective, adding a whimsical twist. This idea materialized through sketches featuring a tree stump as the central element of the design. The space was then meticulously crafted in Blender, with textures applied in 3D Coat for depth and realism. By optimizing the models for low polygon counts and baked textures, we ensured smooth performance, allowing visitors to focus on the high-resolution artwork and videos on display.

Here is the final result:




What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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Arcade Environment
Beach Environment
Island Environment