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NEAR EthDenver 2023

Project Overview:

Commissioned by NEARhub, our mission was to design a branded virtual space for EthDenver 2023. The space was envisioned to feature special projects, providing videos and links for conference attendees in Lisbon, Portugal.

Project Objective:

Our primary goal was to heighten awareness of the conference and spotlight the innovative projects involved, creating an interactive platform for engagement and learning.

Design and Implementation:

I embarked on the creative journey to replicate the NEAR protocol website as a 3D interactive environment, inviting guests to explore and connect with various projects. During the development phase, the NEAR Protocol website's design – a futuristic cityscape with metallic buildings, animated rivers, and vast plains adorned with line features – served as a rich source of inspiration. This vision guided the creation process, starting from modeling the river, shaping the surrounding landscapes, and finally constructing the buildings. Textures for the river and lines were crafted in Photoshop, ensuring a visually striking appearance. The final models were then seamlessly integrated into Mozilla Hubs Spoke, resulting in a fully published, immersive site that encapsulates the essence of NEAR's futuristic vision.

Here is the final result:




What I did

3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
Mozilla Spoke Development

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Gallery Environment
3D Environment
Theater Environment